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Using The Eliminator®

The Eliminator® super concentrate is designed to work at optimum performance at 7 to 1 ratio.

Mix 1 part Eliminator to 7 parts water (allows greater surface area absorption).

After using 7 to 1 mixture, cover and add 1 capful of disinfectant per mixed gallon (to avoid bacterial growth).

Never use the Eliminator in a cast iron tank or container.

Degreasing and Cleaning:

Immerse birds, fur, or hair in mixture and agitate for 20 seconds. Let stand for 30 minutes to 1 hour, then rinse with clear water.

Fish: Trout, Salmon, all oily fish - immerse in mixture overnight.


Spray to saturate the area. Work soft brush through heavy stains or wipe with a soft cloth to remove excess.

Oil or Blood on Leather:

Wet area with mixture, then blot with a clean white cloth and blow dry on warm temperature. We suggest the use of a leather conditioner after cleaning.


Same as blood.

Eliminator mixture heated to 120 degrees will penetrate and speed up the process of emulsion. (Do not use heated mixture on fish or any other specimen affected by heat).

Eliminator will separate from contaminates if allowed to sit. Skim, filter, or drain off spoiled layer. Reuse remainder and repeat process. When Eliminator is no longer active, oils will stay in the solution.

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