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Whitetail deer have eye coloration that can vary because of age, location, habitat and genetics. Van Dyke’s offers, in many cases, four color versions of Whitetail glass eyes. These versions include "light" featuring a caramel brown colored iris, "medium" or "deer" with a medium brown coloration, "dark" which is dark brown and a "deer/antelope" version which is a very dark brown with a slight hint of red. In general, the lighter the eye, the easier it is to see the pupil; in the light version the pupil shows very well. As the eye gets darker, the pupil is blended into the overall color until finally, in the deer/antelope version, it is hard to identify the veins and the pupil.

A customer favorite is the McKenzie/Joe Meder deer eye featuring a revolutionary new patent pending breakthrough effect called Liquid Lens™ Technology. Watch our free online video by McKenzie / Joe Meder. Glass eyes are sold per pair.

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