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By Van Dyke's

Description: Eliminator Degreaser

Item #: ELDQ
Our Price: $20.80

Eliminator Degreaser

Size: Quart

Sold Each

The original formula degreaser that is non-toxic, odor free and non-flammable. The degreaser has received rave reviews from the Taxidermy Industry because it effectively removes the toughest grime found when cleaning game, traps and weapons: fatty grease, blood, fish oils, tree sap, tree wax, etc.

The degreaser truly excels for cleaning guns and metals; removing rust from gunbarrels without disturbing the blueing. This fantastic product is recognized by many gunsmiths as the best and the safest wood cleaner ever develped. It cleans wood checkering of body oils as well as pulling Cosmolene out of guns stored in buildings that burned and then were packed away for 40 years! The Eliminator is a favorite of butchers, housewives and pet owners for its remarkable cleaning and sanitizing.

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