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By Wasco

Description: Wasco Skin Prep
32 Ounces

Item #: CT30
Our Price: $15.15

Wasco Skin Prep

Size: 32 Ounces

Sold Each

This concentrated low ph detergent washes, degreases, softens, conditions and disinfects. Powerful, yet gentle, you can trust Skin Prep to clean dried blood off the finest waterfowl feathers or whitest fur. It may be used on fish, bird, reptile, amphibian and mammal skins. Low ph. For best results always use "cold" water and rinse completely after washing. One liquid ounce of Skin Prep treats one gallon of water. Skin Prep is an excellent mild degreasing detergent, as well. When processing non-greasy specimens, such as warm water fish, reptiles, upland game birds, and thin-skinned mammals, Skin Prep is the only degreasing step necessary. Specially formulated to dissolve and wash away fats, greases, and oils, Skin Prep is mild enough to use in any situation. Use Skin Prep after treatment with solvent degreasers such as Polytranspar™ Degreaser.

Note: Ships from North Carolina Distribution Center.