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Breakthrough Manual Authors
The World's Foremost Taxidermists!

Sallie Dahmes: Two time World Champion, explains her techniques for mounting beautiful deer and birds.

Calvin Farner: Formerly the foreman of the largest taxidermy studio in North America, explains game-head taxidermy.

Jim Hall: America's premiere coldwater fish taxidermist, demonstrates the art of mounting beautiful fish.

Brent Houskeeper: A highly respected mammal taxidermist, shares his award-winning methods.

Tom Sexton: One of taxidermy's most talented artists, demonstrates the art of fish finishing and fish painting.

Larry Blomquist: One of the taxidermy industry's best instructors, explains procedures for mounting alligators.

Ed Thompson: Winner of both the Akeley Award and the Master of Masters, presents turkey and squirrel mounting.

Frank Newmyer: Who has won more competitions than anyone else, demonstrates the art of taxidermy.

Kelly Seibels: One of the most respected bird taxidermists, explains procedures for finishing all waterfowl species.

Ralph Garland: Head of one of the most respected taxidermy schools in America, demonstrates snake taxidermy.

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