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The Tom Sexton Fish Finishing System Chapters

The Tom Sexton Fish Finishing System manual contains the exact detailed procedures that World Champion fish taxidermist Tom Sexton uses for finishing fish. In this book, he explains all the techniques, procedures, secrets, and even the thought processes necessary for creating world-class finishing jobs on fish (including fiberglass reproductions and skin mounts). All techniques are fully explained and easy to understand. Nobody does a better job than Tommy when it comes to finishing fish in a convincing manner. Now you can learn all his secrets for creating his incredibly realistic effects. Nothing held back! This book even includes a 16-page color section with over 50 full-color photos showing exactly how Tom paints a largemouth bass mount. If you mount fish, reading this book could easily improve the quality of your finished mounts immediately! 116 pages, over 400 black and white and over 50 color photos and diagrams.

Book Chapters Book Chapters Cont.
Obtaining and Interpreting Reference Making Color Notations
Developing Your Own Paint Schedules Utilizing Live Specimens for Reference
What Color Is - How We Perceive It Introduction to Airbrush Equipment
Airbrush Maintenance and Cleaning Understanding and Using Airbrush Paint
Lacquer Paint vs. Water Based Paint Adjusting Paint Viscosity PolyTranspar Color by Color Guide
Airbrush Techniques and Exercises Different Methods of Scale Tipping
Common Problems and Their Solutions Preparation of Skin, Wood and Fiberglass
Fin Backing and Repair Setting Eyes and Sclerotic Capsules
Rebuilding Shrunken Areas on Fish Painting Fiberglass Reproductions
Step by Step Painting (Color Chapter)