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Reviews for Mckenzie Tan

"McKenzie Tan is a brush-on tan that penetrates quickly "locking" the hairs in place. Not only is this tanning system easy to use but the result is a soft white skin that maintains great "stretch". The majority of the taxidermists across the country that have used McKenzie Tan have found it to be the "best tan" they have used. Here are just a few of the reviews this brush on tan has received!

"It gave me a soft white leather with great stretch. The hair stayed tight and drying time was 5 to 7 days with very little to no shrinking. It also gave the hair a nice soft sheen. I would recommend it to any taxidermy shop."
Dan Jennings
Zanesville, Ohio

"I never thought I'd say this about a brush-on tan but McKenzie Tan gives me a stretchy, leathery tan. This isn't just a "curd" skin, this is leather. I love it!"
Bill Yox
Brockport, NY

"I use McKenzie Tan on all my commercial and competition mounts. It's the best brush on tan I have ever used. The leather sews great, has little shrinkage and the hair is tight with a nice shine."
Keith Bowman
Bowman's Wildlife Taxidermy
Walnut Cove, NC

"The McKenzie Tan is the most user friendly tan I have used to date. The consistency of the product and its ease to apply make it a real time saver, not to speak of the penetration quality and hide stretch, it's amazing. It will be my choice of tan for both my commercial and competition pieces."
Fred Vanderburgh
Visions Unlimited
Wildlife Studio
Vanetten, NY

"The McKenzie Tan produced an exceptionally soft, white tan and the capes had more stretch than I usually get from other tans. I loved the fact that a quart of McKenzie Tan covered about 10 percent more skin than the tan I have been using."
Pete Lajoie
Cuttingsville, VT

"I found McKenzie Tan to be comparable in quality to other brush on tans but better than all the others as far as less shrinkage. I especially liked the ease which the hide slipped onto the form because of the great stretch I get with McKenzie Tan."
Tommy Lee Freeman
Freeman's Taxidermy
Denton, NC

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