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Polytranspar™ Paint Kits Chart for Water Based and Lacquer Paints.


Recommended for most warm water, cold water, and saltwater fish species. The Large Polytranspar™ Kit includes the same paints found in the Polytranspar™ Introductory Kit and Polytranspar™ Medium Kit plus more!

Introductory Kit Paints - 1 Ounce Medium Kit & Introductory - 1 Ounce Large Kit (Medium & Introductory) Plus More -1 Ounce Sealer Gloss
WA10 or FP10
Superhide White
WA50 or FP50
Light Bass and Trout Green
WA100 or FP100
Burnished Silver
WA220 or FP220
Fungicidal Sealer (Wood Sealer for Fish Carving Kits)
WA240 or FP240
Wet Gloss Sealer
WA30 or FP30
WA52 or FP52
Dark Bass and Trout Green
WA120 or FP120
WA61 or FP61
Medium Bass and Trout Green
WA70 or FP70
Chocolate Brown
WA200 or FP200
WA51 or FP51
Transparent Medium Bass and Trout Green
WA110 or FP110
Bright Silver
WA320 or FP320,
Transpar Violet
WA260 or FP260
Bright Yellow
WA140 or FP140
Cadmium Yellow
WA380 or WAFP380
WA280 or FP280
Intense Red
WA141 or FP141
Yellow Ochre
WA360 or FP360
Gold Toner
WA300 or FP300
Sailfish Blue
WA160 or FP160
Gill Red
WA401 or FP401
Satin White Pearl Essence
WA340 or FP340
Transparent Transpar Brown
WA424 or FP424
Softest Gold Look Pearl Essence
WA400 of FP400
Sparkling White Pearl Essence
WA440 or FP440
Shimmering Blue Iridescent
WA402 or FP402
Silver Pearl Essence
WA441 or FP441
Shimmering Green Iridescent
WA423 or FP423
Sparkling Gold Pearl Essence
WA442 or FP442
Shimmering Gold Iridescent
WA425 or FP425
Yellow Gold Pearl Essence
WA443 or FP443
Shimmering Red Iridescent