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By John Schmidt

Description: Wolf Howling LT, OM
5 5/8" x 17" x 46" x 33 1/4"

Item #: WLF-601
Our Price: $432.65

Lifesize Wolf

Eye Size: 18mm

Position: Left Turn, Howling, Open Mouth

Size: A: 5 5/8" x B: 17" x C: 46" x D: 33 1/4"

Van Dyke's taxidermy sculptor, John Schmidt, sculpted this howling Wolf form from a bone armature in live sculpting at the 2003 World Taxidermy Championship. The Wolf forms intricate details such as the slightly raised left front foot. the braced hind feet and the head tilted back at no more 45 degrees all convey the power and force being exerted by a Wolf in full howl. The mouth is open only slightly, as is typical. A slight turn in the body gives the form a pleasing and easy to look at quality.

Suggested: M1146F jawset

Note: Form may be cut for shipping unless you specify otherwise.