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Using Van Dyke's Tanning Crystals


For every skin or cape to be tanned put 1 gallon of hot water in a tank.

Caution: Let cool to at least room temperature before adding capes or hides.

The skin does not need to be floating, but should be covered if you press it down. For larger skins or capes, double or triple the amounts needed.

Mix the tanning crystals in the box in case some settling has occurred.

For each gallon of water add one full weighed pound of crystals. A little less can make a considerable difference in concentration. Do not add less if you are doing small skins such as squirrels. The concentration of the solution is the vital factor. Feel free to experiment to get the results you desire. More tan will yield a stiffer skin but will not necessarily speed the process. For tanning flat rugs add slightly more tanning crystals. This will reduce the stretch but will improve the softness of the skin.

For each gallon of water add 1/4 cup of McKenzie Tanning Oil. We find the oil speeds up the penetration and helps lock the tan in place. Some taxidermists have good results leaving the oil out until after the tanning process.

Mix 1 pound of tanning crystals to every gallon of water to 1/4 cup of tanning oil.

Keep Out of the Reach of Children

Note: Van Dyke's Taxidermy Supply Co. offers these instructions in an advisory capacity and assumes no liability. Such information is the same as used in our own successful experiments, and since we have no control over the environment or the materials upon which our products or instructions will be used, no success is guaranteed. Trial must be performed to account for individual circumstances. In all suggestions, we recommend reading the formulas that have been provided for your evaluation. These are proven formulas that you may find beneficial, from the experience of other tanners.

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