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How to Use Change-Out Heads

Change-out heads allow you to accurately match the head / body proportions of special or unusual sized mammals. Original head positions are easy with change-outs. After selecting the proper sized change-out head follow these steps.

Step 1: Note the position of the original head sculpted on the form. Saw the head off the form at the neck junction (save head for another mount).

Step 2: Saw the neck surface of the change-out head to match the form. Make sure the base of the change-out head has exposed "inner foam" for good adhesion. Scuff or ruff the surface of the inner neck as needed.

Step 3: Test position the change-out head. Once the position is correct, bondo the change-out head to the form.

Step 4: After the bondo has cured, model the head / neck junction to a smooth, natural union using clay, paper mache or other similar materials.

Step 5: You are now ready to proceed with the mounting process using your customized form.

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