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Commonly Used Polytranspar™ Paints for Snook

Snook are usually reproduced in fiberglass. When painting Snook it is recommended to have a good paint schedule and photo references to obtain good results. We have listed the commonly used Polytranspar™ paints used for painting Snook. Colors can vary from these suggested paints due to variable conditions. Van Dyke's Taxidermy Supply offers Polytranspar™ Airbrush Paints in lacquer or water based formulations; choose the Polytranspar™ Paint System that works best for you!

Note: The eight ounce size is listed in chart, use the same number and 4oz for the four ounce size. (Example WA110-4OZ).

Polytranspar™ Water Based Airbrush Paints Polytranspar™ Lacquer Based Airbrush Paints
  Fiberglass Primer FP195W-Q
Black WA30-8OZ Black FP30-8OZ
Silver Pearl WA402-8OZ Silver Pearl FP402-8OZ
Shimmering Blue WA440-8OZ Shimmering Blue FP440-8OZ
Shimmering Gold WA442-8OZ Shimmering Gold FP442-8OZ
Shimmering Red WA443-8OZ Shimmering Red FP443-8OZ
Flesh WA165-8OZ Flesh FP165-8OZ
Bright Silver WA110-8OZ Bright Silver FP110-8OZ
Medium Bass Green WA61-8OZ Medium Bass Green FP61-8OZ
Bronze Gold WA120-8OZ Bronze Gold FP120-8OZ
Sailfish Blue WA300-8OZ Sailfish Blue FP300-8OZ
Bright Yellow WA260-8OZ Bright Yellow FP260-8OZ
Cadmium Yellow WA140-8OZ Cadmium Yellow FP140-8OZ
Chocolate Brown WA70-8OZ Chocolate Brown FP70-8OZ
Gill Red WA160-8OZ Gill Red FP160-8OZ


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