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Skull Cleaning Made Easy by Mike Gillis

This is a really simple method for skull cleaning. All you do is let the bacteria in the water break down the tissue and wash it away.

First: Remove the eyes and cut as much flesh off as possible.

Next: Place the skull in a plastic container, cover it with water, put a lid on it, and set it in the sun. After a week remove the lid and carefully pour the water off.

Note: The first couple of times you change the water it will smell, so keep the container several yards from your shop.

After pouring off the water, take a water hose and flush as much tissue from the skull as possible.

You do not need to touch or handle the skull.

Cover the skull with fresh water and put the lid back in place.

Repeat these steps until the skull is completely clean.

When the skull is clean, place it in a container and cover it with a mixture of 40% hydrogen peroxide and 60% water.

Leave the skull covered overnight, then hang it in the sun to dry. All that is left is to glue the teeth back in place.

This method produces a skull that has no damage with the delicate sinus cavities clean and intact.

Just be sure you do not put more than one skull in a container at a time, or the teeth will get mixed up.

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