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Step-By-Step Instructions for Reproduction Two-Piece Skulls


The McKenzie Two-Piece Reproduction Skulls are a simple patent-pending system that requires less work than traditional reproduction skulls.


1. The most critical part of this system is "fitting" the skull cap and antlers into the slot provided. The skull cap needs to be clean of all meat and membrane and dry before you start. Mark your skull from the side to fit the slot in the artificial skull.


2. You will need to cut the front and the back in most cases.


3. Check the height, you can see in this photo another cut is necessary in order for the cap to fit.


4. Mark and cut.


5. Test fit for proper alignment with the reproduction skull itself.


6. This particular one did not align so we made another cut.


7. Test fit again for proper alignment. In some cases the skull will need to be sanded or rasped down a little to allow the cap the fit nicely.


8. Notice the angle of the main beams. In most cases, they are almost perfectly parallel with the bridge of the nose. This helps to achieve the correct pitch on your antlers.


9. Align the skull plate so it is centered in the skull slot.


10. Place the skull cap on the skull to make sure everything lines up and fits properly. Rasp or sand the skull plate as needed until proper alignment is established.

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