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Step-By-Step Instructions for Reproduction Two-Piece Skulls - Part 2


11. Bondo your antlers in place maintaining the correct angle of your skull cap and antlers.


12. Hold the cap in place while bondo is kicking to ensure everything stays in place. After the bondo is set, trim or sand off excess.


13. Pre-drill through the skull plate for anchor screws.


14. Run 2 1/2 - 3 inch screws through the skull plate and into the artificial skull.


15. Paint the bondo and the original skull plate to match whatever skull pattern you're working with. For Camo pattern skulls you can try to duplicate the pattern, use black paint, black tape or even camo tape. For white skulls you can use pure white or super-hide white to find the correct color.


16. Use fast setting glue on the two keys and in the key holes and position the cap in place.


17. The finished skull, almost done!


18. Attach a hanger or a panel to your skull to showcase that trophy of a lifetime!

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