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By Van Dyke's

Description: Raccoon Rigiform Standing, RT
2" x 8" x 21 1/2" x 15"

Item #: RC-632
Our Price: $91.40

Lifesize Raccoon Rigiform

Eye Size: 12mm

Position: Right Turn, Standing, Closed Mouth

Size: A: 2" x B: 8" x C: 21 1/2" x D: 15"

Van Dyke's Taxidermy offers a full line of Raccoon forms in various sizes and poses. This is a lifesize rigiform Raccoon posed standing, with a right turn and closed mouth. Complete your Raccoon mount with Van Dyke's glass Raccoon eyes.

Suggested: FHB341 rectangular habitat earth base.

View: How To Measure For Lifesize Forms