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Polytranspar™ Paint System Chart

Van Dyke's now offers the full line of Polytranspar™ Paints. Choose the system that works best for you!

Water-Based System
"WA" System
VS. Lacquer-Based
"FP" System
Fumes are non-toxic
( still good idea to wear respirator).
TOXICITY Fumes are hazardous.
(Use respirator and an explosion-
proof ventilation system).
Non-flammable FLAMMABILITY Flammable. Keep away from
open flame, sparks or heat.
Full-color selection
(same as laquer-based).
COLOR SELECTION Full color selection
(same as water-based).
Somewhat higher gloss
than lacquer-based.
GLOSS Very high gloss
Colors: 5 to 20 minutes.
Gloss coats (thumb-print free):
DRYING TIME Colors: 5 to 20 minutes.
Gloss coats (thumb-print free):
Totally chemically compatible
with "WA" system.
COMPATIBILITY Totally chemically compatible
with "FP" System
Water, isopropyl alcohol or Windex CLEAN-UP Lacquer thinner or acetone.
May be applied on top of
lacquer-based paint.
BONDING May be applied on top of
water-based paint only if WA
paint is completely dry.

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