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By Wasco

Description: Largemouth Bass V Scale Stencil
Straight Line Bass 6 to 8 Lbs

Item #: NT327
Our Price: $42.45

V Scale Stencil for Straight Line Largemouth Bass

Fish Weight: 6 to 8 Pounds

Sold Each

The V-Scale produces the "prism effect" of the color pattern found in the live fish by tipping the front edge of each gold scale. Use silver on the bottom half and metallic bass green on the top half of the fish. The V-Scale stencil can also be used to lay down beautiful patterns of iridescent or shimmer colors! Shimmer colors are often overused and tend to block out or cover up your precious colors. With the V-scale stencil you can reproduce the beautiful shimmer colors of the bass without covering your other colors. Comes with instruction sheet.

Note: Ships from North Carolina Distribution Center.