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The McKenzie-Joe Meder Deer eye features a revolutionary new patent pending breakthrough effect called Liquid Lens™ Technology. To create this new eye, Joe went back to basics and began by casting eyes and lenses from fresh deer, then comparing them to those of live deer in his pen. Once the prototype was complete, it was time to begin testing colors. Roger Martin from McKenzie and the Eye Division from Van Dyke’s helped develop the special effect Joe was looking for. Glass eyes have always had a certain “flat look” or lack of 3-D effect when it comes to what can be achieved with painting. Joe was very specific in that he wanted to create the effect of how a live eye captures and reflects light. With this request, Roger invented what may prove to be one of the biggest advances in glass eye technology in years. Through a series of mold designs and painting techniques, we have achieved for the first time in taxidermy, a truly “liquid” look in the lens.

View: McKenzie / Joe Meder Online Video

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