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Using McKenzie Paste

McKenzie Paste is the friendliest adhesive available to the taxidermy industry.


Form should be sanded or "ruffed" to bond properly.

Apply paste with a brush.

Works with dry preservative.

Technical Information:


Keep out of the reach of children.

Keep from freezing.

Keep sealed when not in use.

Store in cool dry place.

Recommended use within 12 months.

Waste Disposal

Recover free liquid. Absorb residue and dispose of according to Local, State/Provincial and Federal requirements.

Spill or Leak Procedures

Small quantities: Soak up with absorbent material and remove to a chemical disposal area.

Note: Van Dyke's Taxidermy Supply Co. offers these instructions in an advisory capacity and assumes no liability. Such information is the same as used in our own successful experiments, and since we have no control over the environment or the materials upon which our products or instructions will be used, no success is guaranteed. Trial must be performed to account for individual circumstances. In all suggestions, we recommend reading the formulas that have been provided for your evaluation. These are proven formulas that you may find beneficial, from the experience of other tanners.

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