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By Van Dyke's

Description: Big Game Mounting Stand
Item #: MST602
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Big Game Mounting Stand

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Van Dyke's new heavy duty, non-slip big game mounting stand was designed specifically for those large gameheads (elk, moose, bison and alot of the African species) that typically cause problems for the smaller mounting stands. This stand has many features such as splined shafts and positive lock thumb screws that will not slip with the weight of a heavy mount. Extendable legs lock in any position you choose to provide a stable base that distributes the weight evenly. Casters make moving those big mounts easy and screw down jack pads keep the stand from rolling as you work on the mount. Powder coated for durability, this should be the last mounting stand you will ever need! Disassembled the stand fits in one box and is able to ship via UPS.