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Commonly Used Polytranspar™ Paints for Largemouth Bass

When painting Largemouth Bass, it is recommended to have a good paint schedule and reference photos to obtain good results. We have listed the commonly used Polytranspar™ paints used for painting Largemouth Bass from the Real Fish Paint Schedule by Ron Reynolds. Colors can vary from these suggested paints due to variable conditions. Van Dyke's Taxidermy Supply offers Polytranspar™ Airbrush Paints in lacquer or water based formulations; choose the Polytranspar™ Paint System that works best for you!

Note: The eight ounce size is listed in chart, use the same number and 4oz for the four ounce size. (Example WA110-4OZ).

Polytranspar™ Water Based Airbrush Paints Polytranspar™ Lacquer Based Airbrush Paints
Super Hide White WA10-8OZ Super Hide White FP10-8OZ
Bright Silver WA110-8OZ Bright Silver FP110-8OZ
Black WA30-8OZ Black FP30-8OZ
Cadmium Yellow WA140-8OZ Cadmium Yellow FP140-8OZ
Sparkling White Pearl WA400-8OZ Sparkling White Pearl FP400-8OZ
Yellow Ochre WA141-8OZ Yellow Ochre FP141-8OZ
Sailfish Blue WA300-8OZ Sailfish Blue FP300-8OZ
Gill Red WA160-8OZ Gill Red FP160-8OZ
Medium Green WA61-8OZ Medium Green FP61-8OZ
Satin White Pearl WA401-8OZ Satin White Pearl FP401-8OZ
Intense Red WA280-8OZ Intense Red FP280-8OZ


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