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By Van Dyke's

Description: Krowtann 2000

Item #: KWT100
Our Price: $31.45

Krowtann 2000

Size: Quart

Sold Each

Krowtann 2000 is the hottest product to hit the taxidermy industry in years! Now you can tan while skipping the messy salting step for your in-house tanning. Leading taxidermists across the country are singing the praise of this exciting product. Krowtann 2000 requires no salting, no oiling and no ph checks. Simply rough flesh your hide, mix your tan, soak 3 to 4 days, do your final fleshing and neutralize wash and mount. 6.5 oz of Krowtann will tan one average deep cape, a quart will do 4 to 5 average deer capes. Krowtann 2000 produces a white leather. Complete instructions are included. If followed correctly, your skin should feel like a wet dish towel and have good stretch. however, due to Krowtann being used in conditions beyond our control, we make no warranty of any kind expressed or implied. We suggest that you try Krowtann 2000 on a scrap skin first.

Note: This product cannot ship mail, air or outside the Contiguous USA.

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