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Using the Jonas Bird System

The revolutionary Bird System from Jonas Supply

Designed by Randy Life, these forms were sculpted from actual carcass measurements and are accurate in every detail, with ease of mounting in mind. Available in the most popular species. This system is a real time saver.

The Jonas Bird System Features:

  • Heads were cast from fresh specimens and are highly detailed with positive set eyes.

  • This system comes with the wing and leg wires pre-cut to the required length.

  • The inserts slide directly into the sockets in the form.

  • The accurate flexible foam neck also easily plugs into the form.

Here's How the Bird System Works:

  1. Start by making sure the wire inserts slide into the sockets in the form. Remove any obstructions if needed.

  2. Skin, flesh and preserve the bird as you normally would.

  3. Cut the wing bone off directly below the ball socket of the "shoulder". The leg bone should be cut just below the "knee" joint.

  4. Run the wires and secure to the bone as you normally would in a conventional manner. Leave the insert sticking out past the cut end of the bone. Bend as needed to fit the socket of the form at the correct angle.

  5. To permanently attach the insert to the form, simply place a couple of drops of super glue on the insert before sliding it into the form.

  6. If using an artificial head, use a Dremel to cut a slot into the back of the head. Cut off excess wire on the flex neck and bend the wire into a "U" shape.

  7. Super Glue the neck insert into place on the form.

  8. Slide the skin onto the form and over the artificial neck. Mix up some Bondo and coat the wire and head slot and slide the "U" into the slot. Hold until Bondo sets.

  9. Slide the skin over the head and after setting the eyes, secure the skin around the beak with Super Glue.

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