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Using Instant Preserve

Instant Preserve is good for most animal skins or game head scalps intended for mounting. It is not recommended for rug or leather work because breaking the hide would be quite laborious. After skinning the animal, many taxidermists rub some Instant Preserve on the flesh side before fleshing and paring down scalps or hide. This takes the slickness out of the skin for easier handling, but in any event the skin must be fleshed very well and all fat removed (removal of fat is very important with any tan or preservative).

Rub more Instant Preserve into every part of the skin very thoroughly. Be sure to cover all parts and be sure to get into places like ear openings, tail tips, etc. Leave as much Instant Preserve as possible clinging to the hide when you proceed to mount it.

If you are not ready to mount, the hide can be kept in the freezer until you are ready, although hides will dry out if kept frozen too long (called freezer dry, or freezer burn). Fluffing some Instant Preserve into the hair provides an excellent moth and insect repellent.

Caution: Normally this product is not dangerous, but like most chemicals it is not recommended to breathe the dust, and keep out of eyes and mouth. Under prolonged use it is highly recommended to wear rubber or vinyl gloves.

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