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Mounting a Turkey Tail

Step 1: Depending on how many rows of secondary feathers you want on your mount, locate the oil gland near the front of the tail and cut around that area.

Step 2: Flesh away all the meat and tissue from the base and between the feather quills using our bird flesher.

Step 3: If the tail is bloody and dirty wash in warm dawn dish soap 20-30 minutes, rinse and repeat.

Step 4: (not shown) Use a hair dryer set on low heat to dry the tail feathers.

Step 5: Use powdered borax and rub into all areas of the tail base, spread the tail to desired position, pin and tape then let dry 5-7 days

OPTION: Mix 6 ounces automotive Bondo with hardener, then spread over entire base of tail roots one side at a time. Set the fan in position and let set, then do the other side.

Step 6: When the Bondo is dry, place the tail in the center of the panel and attach the beard to the rosette with tack or hot glue.

Step 7: Place the rosette over the tail base and install the screw.

Step 8: Install the hanger bracket on back of the panel. Now you are ready to show off your beautiful tail mount!

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