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How to Mount Turkey Forms with Poseable Drumsticks

The 1/4" threaded rods molded into the legs give strength and stability to your turkey mount. Detachable tail stubs give you the choice of tail up or tail out on strut forms. Flying forms come with plywood molded in each side for anchoring securely. Flying forms also include drumsticks with easy to bend 12 gauge wire.

Step 1: Separate leg from turkey at knee where feathers end. Invert scaly skin down over joint and remove all tendons and expose joint. Drill 1/4" hole in joint.

Step 2: Sharpen long end of rod and attach to drill as shown.

Step 3: Proceed to drill rod down through leg bone and exit bottom of foot. Some bones in the foot may break, but don't be concerned about this; straighten if a deformity occurs. Once dry this won't be noticeable.

Step 4: Grip rod and foam securely and bend rod to desired position (Depending on pose you have chosen).

Step 5: Mix epoxy and fill in void in joint. Pull scaly skin backup over epoxy and reshape joint. Once epoxy sets up skin will be locked in place.

Step 6: With hack saw cut tab end off drumstick.

Step 7: Position drumstick on form (right and left are indicated). Run a 3" dry-wall screw through drumsticks and into form (there is plywood in both the form and drumstick). Move to desired running, walking or standing position. (If knee needs re-bent, now is the time before epoxy sets up). Don't forget to reshape joint if necessary.

Step 8: Once final position has been achieved, lock drumstick in place with a second screw. Full instructions are supplied with each form.

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