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Step by Step Instructions for Creating an Antler Mount

Step 1:Cut the antler off the skull as shown in Fig 1. Skin and cut as much meat and hide as possible. The next step is to place the skull cap in a pot of water add 1 tablespoon of Sodium Carbonate to the water then simmer for 20-30 minutes. Do not have the water level higher than the antler base as it could discolor the antlers. After the skull cape has cooked remove from the pot and scrape off any remaining meat and gristle. Place the skull in hot water with a little detergent such as Van Clean and scrub off remaining meat, membrane, etc. Rinse the skull with cold water.

Drill two holes in top of the skull as shown in Fig 2. The holes should be no larger than 1/4” in diameter; a 3/16” hole would be perfect.

Step 2:

Fasten the skull to the form with two screws 2” long as shown in Fig. 3.

Step 3:

Mix some Regular Set Mache and cover the skull cape, blending it smoothly with the antler form. (See Fig. 4) After the Mache has thoroughly cured, sand it smooth and evenly over the entire antler form, scuffing the form.

Step 4:

Lay a towel or rag flat on your worktable. Place the wood panel finished side down on the towel or rag. Find the center of the panel, a minimum of 1” down from the top of the panel and mount your hanger. See Fig. 5.

Step 5:

Next, lay your leather or the material you have chosen to cover the antler form. Place paper pattern over the leather and trace around the pattern onto the leather.You may want to remake the paper pattern by transferring the paper to a cardboard pattern before tracing and cutting out the leather. Whatever works the best of you. Mark the top and bottom center of leather and form to line up the leather later. Transfer the slit marks to your leather (do not cut) See Fig. 6. Next, try the leather on the form, you may need to adjust the slit marks, at this time, depending on the antlers. Now cut slits to fit the antlers.

Step 6:

Apply a thin layer of hide paste over the skull plate and form.You can use any hide paste, we recommend the McKenzie Paste. See Fig. 7.Place the leather on the form (Fig. 8),pull the leather and paste to the back of the form and staple the hide in place, working out any wrinkles. You now have the option to place decorative braid or leather around the antler burrs. Fasten the antler forms to your panel and the mount is complete. (See Fig. 9)


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