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Using Headlock Hide Paste

Headlock Hide Paste is a two part adhesive specially used for damp applications. It is suited for use in mounting deer and other gameheads where moisture in the cape actually makes the bond to the form even stronger. It will adhere to tanned or powdered hides.


    1. Roll up flesh side of tanned or dry preserved cape in a dry towel to remove excess moisture.

    2. Lightly sand form.

    3. Mix 1/1 by volume or by weight.

    4. Empty mixed glue out of mixing bowl onto a flat plate for maximum pot life. The more compact mixed glue is kept, the faster it will set.

Spreadability time will vary from 2 to 3 hours in a warm shop, to 3 to 5 hours in a cooler shop.

  1. Spread with a brush or by hand wearing gloves.

  2. Comb out of cape using acetone or lacquer thinner and a wire brush.

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