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Fortune Tailer Instructions

The Fortune Tailer I for Half-Struts

The Fortune Tailer II for 3/4-Struts

The Fortune Tailer III for Standing Poses

The Fortune Tailer IV for Standing Pheasants

The Fortune Tailer is offered for 4 positions. This mold will set the tail feathers in the correct position for turkey tail positions. Simply set the feathers, apply Bondo and you're set.


  • Wash and dry tail as you normally would.

  • Lay out the tail (1/2 circle) and tape secondary feathers to themselves.

  • Place a small piece of plastic on your work surface (a split sandwich bag works great for this).

  • Put Bondo on the plastic and then the tail feather quills on top of the Bondo.

  • Put another glob of Bondo on the top of the quills and top this with some excess plastic.

  • Sandwich the Bondo'ed quills between the plastic.

  • Elevate the Bondo'ed quills and plastic to a 3" height.

  • Place each tail feather in its slot on the Fortune Tailer.

  • After Bondo has firmed, remove plastic and carve off the excess Bondo.

  • Turn the tail over and Bondo a 14 gauge, horseshoe shaped wire to the bottom of the hardened Bondo.

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