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By John Schmidt

Description: Fisher Walking Up, RT, CM
2 1/8" x 7 3/4" x 25" x 14"

Item #: FH-610
Our Price: $83.95

Lifesize Fisher

Eye Size: 12mm

Position: Right Turn, Walking Uphill, Closed Mouth

Size: A: 2 1/8" x B: 7 3/4" x C: 25" x D: 14"

Lifesize Fisher was sculpted by Van Dyke's Master Sculptor, John Schmidt. Well known for his anatomical accuracy when it comes to sculpting, John has been a consistent winner at the World and National Championships. His forms always fit well and come in many customer pleasing poses. Complete your mount with our quality glass Black Bubble eyes.

Suggested: FHB342 rectangular habitat earth base

View: How To Measure For Lifesize Forms