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Dolphinfish / Mahi-Mahi Reproductions

Commercial quality fiberglass reproductions by Matt Thompson. Dolphin are usually reproduced in fiberglass. Each fish blank is a complete two-sided commercial casting from an actual prime specimen, designed for a one-sided wall display. Assembly, prep work and painting is required.

Finish your reproduction with commonly used Polytranspar paints for Dolphin. When painting it is recommended to have a good paint schedule and photo references to obtain good results.

The fish reproductions are made to order; please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment. As a general rule, fish reproductions over 55" must be shipped by truck.

CM = Closed Mouth CG = Closed Gill OG = Open Gill
LT = Left Turn RT = Right Turn M = Male
F = Female SCV = S-Curve (SA) = Sail Attached
H = Hook SH SH = Slight Hook FU = Fins Unattached
NDF = No Dorsal Fin SM = Spawning Male LU = Lobes Unattached
TW = Tail Walking, flapping coming out of the water TU = Tail Up
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