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By Wasco

Description: Splash & Rippple DVD

Item #: DVD221
Our Price: $37.15

Splash & Ripple Construction DVD with Frank Newmyer

Length: 2 hours

Sold Each

A pioneer of innovative artificial water scenes, World Champion taxidermist Frank Newmyer demonstrates his closely guarded secrets for creating outstanding effects for taxidermy and wildlife art exhibits. he discusses how to use reference, how to (invisibly) support a flying bird, how he creates underwater habitats, water surfaces, splash components, splashes, and ripples. Using clear polyester resin, hot glue, acrylic rods, plexiglass sheets, and resin sprays, Frank achieves beautiful, realistic scenes of water action frozen in time. If you want to learn the right way to create realistic artificial water splash effects for waterfowl, reptile or fish scenes, this DVD is the best information available on this subject. Recorded in the WASCO Studio.

Note: Ships from North Carolina Distribution Center.