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By Van Dyke's

Description: Desert Sheep Lying LT
7 3/4" x 18 1/4" x 56" x 43"

Item #: DBS-606
Our Price: $522.80

Lifesize Desert Bighorn Sheep

Eye Size: 32mm

Position: Left Turn, Lying Down

Size: A: 7 3/4" x B: 18 1/4" x C: 56" x D: 43"

Van Dyke's selection of lifesize sheep includes forms by world famous sculptor Don Holt, Jim Beenken, Doug Roffers, and our own Van Dyke's sculptors. Most sheep forms are interchangeable amongst Dall, Stone and Bighorn sheep. Van Dyke's suggests our quality glass Sheep eyes to complete your mount. Sculpted by Van Dyke's.

Note: Form may be cut for shipping unless you specify otherwise.

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