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By Brian Hendricks

Description: Hendricks Coyote Front High, LT, with the Easy-Set Panting Head
4 x 19 x 32

Item #: CY-402-PA
Our Price: $293.95

Hendricks Coyote, Life-Size, Front High, LT with Easy-Set Panting Head

Eye Size: 18mm

Position: Front High, LT, Panting

Size: A: 4" x C: 19" x D: 32"

The Brian Hendricks Coyote forms by Van Dyke's Supply feature the new patent-pending Easy-Set Face System. Brian Hendricks, Master of Masters sculptor, is known for his accuracy in sculpting anatomically correct work and these Coyote forms will prove that. Take the challenge out of achieving correct expressions and skin alignment in your Coyote mounts with results that represent the fluid motion and natural expression of the Coyote. The form comes with pre-installed and pre-colored artificial nose and Quick Eye Set. The revolutionary new head design helps provide easy hair pattern placement. The rotating head and neck joint allows you to level the eyes regardless of the angle of the body. This Coyote is standing, left turn, in a front high position with the Easy-Set Cast Lip Panting Mouth Head.

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