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By Wasco

Description: WASCO Tru-Tan™ Reptile Tan
2 Pound Kit

Item #: CT76
Our Price: $46.00

WASCO True-Tan™ Reptile and Amphibian Tan

Sold per 2 Pound Kit

This two step tanning system contains a dry chemical for the tanning solution and a lubricating tanning oil. Beautifully tans any reptile or amphibian skin (most will not even require painting for color restoration.) Perfect for snake skins, lizards, toads, etc. Includes 2 pounds dry chemical and 1 quart tanning oil.

Note: This product cannot ship via air, mail or outside the Contiguous USA.

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This product is classified "Limited Quantity" or "Fully Regulated" and can't ship by air or mail