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By Wasco

Description: True Tan Crystals

Item #: CT15-16
Our Price: $18.20

WASCO True-Tan Acid Bath Crystals

Size: Pint

Sold Each

What's the secret of a clean, white-colored tanned skin? What's the most important step to prepare the raw skin to accept and hold the tannins? The acid pickle. Pickling a mammal skin not only cleans and preserves, but adjusts the chemistry of the skin to accept the flood of tanning agents and permanently adhere them to the fibers within the corium. 2 tablespoons (the same volume as 1/2 fluid ounce) of True-Tan Acid Bath Crystals per gallon of most water will drop the ph to 2.0 -- perfect for mammal skin tanning. Safer than liquid acids which may splash on skin or eyes. Works great with the LUTAN® FN tanning system. Neutralizes with common baking soda.

Note: Ships from North Carolina Distribution Center. This product cannot ship via air, mail or outside the Contiguous USA. (More that one quart container in a package requires a UPS hazardous fee.)