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Using Bascal-S

Bascal-S Directions:

The intended use for Bascal-S as an auxiliary pickle is that it has a degrading effect on protein after a certain duration of processing. In other words, it dissolves the non-flammable proteins in the skin. This process will make fur skin softer and more flexible as an end result.

Bascal-S can also be used as a dirt soak for game animal skins. Even with only a slightly acidic mixture, Bascal-S can reduce the risk of hair slippage. It also makes skins easier to flesh!

Use as an auxiliary pickle:

(pre-dissolve Bascal-S)

1 ounce Bascal-S per gallon of water

16 ounces salt per gallon of water

Pickle skins overnight or 8 to 10 hours. Next day, add 2 ounces pickling crystals or 1/4 to 1/2 ounce Oxalic Acid volume measure per gallon water.

Continue pickling for 8 to 10 hours. Remove skins and neutralize with Sodium Bicarbonate if tanning directions say to do so.

For De-liming:

For de-liming, Bascal-S is chiefly used in conjunction with other de-liming agents. Hydrogen Sulfide may develop during de-liming on account of the acid reaction of Bascal-S. To avoid this hazard, the product should always be added to the float in several portions and in pre-dissolved form. Place limed skins in Ammonium Sulfate for 2 hours. Now dissolve 1/4 ounce Bascal-S (volume measure) per 10 lbs. of skin. Add half the Bascal-S to the Ammonium Sulfate solution. Stir solution and after 30 minutes, add the other half of the pre-dissolved Bascal-S to the solution. Leave skin in solution for another hour. Remove de-limed skin, rinse in clear water and proceed with pickling.

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