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By Van Dyke's

Description: Beaver Standing Gnawing, RT, OM
2 1/2" x 12 3/4" x 31" x 30"

Item #: BVR-618
Our Price: $105.60

Lifesize Beaver Rigiform

Eye Size: 12mm

Position: Right Turn, Standing Gnawing, Open Mouth

Size: A: 2 1/2" x B: 12 3/4" x C: 31" x D: 30"

Lifesize Beavers by Van Dyke's are offered in a variety of sizes and poses. Recommended teeth are TBVXL. Van Dyke's suggests our Black Bubble Eyes. The artificial Beaver Stumps by McKenzie are the perfect size for our Beaver forms!

Suggested: FHB355 Finished Beaver Stump Base.