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Antler Horn and Mounting Plates Instructions:

For best mounting success, use the suggested panel or shield sizes, or larger, but do not use anything smaller. Suggested panel sizes: Deer (medium) 9” x 12”, Deer (large) 10” x 13”, Antelope 12” x 12”, Elk 16” x 20”, Moose 18” x 23” and Steer 10” x 28”.

Horn Plates: Distance between holes on Medium 2 ½”, Large 3”, Antelope 2 ½”, Elk 3”, Moose 7”, Steer 11 ½”. To mount, fasten horns to panel, then cut the horn mounting plate to fit snugly around the horn and nail to panel. Decorative nails can be used for this; 12 nails per plate. If you wish, you can add braid or trim for a finishing accent.

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