Van Dyke's Eye Basics

Through customer requests and study of live deer Van Dyke's offers color variations for several of the Whitetail glass eye series. Whitetail deer, just like humans, have eye coloration that can vary because of age, location, habitat and genetics.

Van Dyke's offers in many cases, three color versions of eyes that can be used for Whitetail. These versions include "light" featuring a caramel brown colored iris, "medium" or "deer" with a medium brown coloration, "dark" which is dark brown and a deer/antelope version which is a very dark brown with a slight hint of red. In general, the lighter eye, the easier it is to see the pupil. In the light version the pupil shows very well. As the eye gets darker, the pupil is blended into the overall color until finally in the deer/antelope version, it is hard to identify the veins and the pupil.

Lens Shapes

McKenzie's Joe Meder Lens™ Eye - The most accurate shaped lens for Whitetail available. Cast from a real deer eye to produce a superior shape. This lens incorporates our new patent pending Liquid Lens™ technology to give a true liquid look to the eye. McKenzie's Joe Meder Deer glass eyes are offered in medium deer and dark deer coloration and three popular sizes for Whitetail. 

Aspheric - This lens shape features a natural "A" shaped taper from the top of the eye to the base. A popular lens for deer and mammals.

Forward Look - One of the most accurate shaped lens for deer and other big game. This lens features the corneal bulge in correct placement for a forward looking animal.

Concave / Convex - Round shape without much taper from top to bottom. This is the most economical and popular shaped lens in the industry. Concave / Convex lens are a great shape for small mammals and big game.

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