Item #: T-STEELS
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Tungsten Tuning Steels by "The Rookie" - Perfect for small lip fleshing blades

Sold per Pair

These Tungsten Tuning Steels were inspired and designed off the personal steels of Christopher Lance Smith (AKA "The Rookie"). The Rookie uses these Tuning Steels in his Louisiana Tannery Bayou Bones and Tan. The thin 2% Thoriated Tungsten in this set of steels is perfect for tuning the small lip fleshing blades but can be used for tuning any fleshing blade. You'll receive 2 steels in this set, one steel is 3 inches in length and is best used for tuning the top of the blade, the shorter 1-inch steel is tapered on the tip and is designed for tuning the underside of the blade lip. The black plastic handles are very comfortable in the hand and makes tuning your blade easy and fun!