Item #: RM720-NE
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Description & Details

Redi - Mount Change - Out head without Ears

Eye Size: 32mm

Sold Each

If you wish to use other earliners and earbtts or Bondo ears, you may purchase this head without ears. This includes the main frame head, top of head and nasal inserts. head size form eye to nose is 7 1/4".

Redi-Mount Change-Out heads give you the advantage of outstanding quality while eliminating most of your prep time. Featuring detailed anatomical parts that practically snap into place, now any deer can look as good as one set up by a master taxidermist. You can easily install a Redi-Mount Change-Out head on any mannikin in any pose to suit you.
Install the eyes of your choice and the Redi-Mount eyelids are done. The interior anatomy of the tear duct and lip slots are already the correct angle and shape. The highly detailed earliners and earbutts slide into place with an ingenious dove-tailed locking slot. The interior nasal detail is beyond any other commercially-available septum.

View: Using Redi - Mount Online Video

Note: Ships from North Carolina Distribution Center.