Item #: MTL-626
Our Price: $473.10

Description & Details

Lifesize Mountain Lion

Eye Size: 18mm

Position: Left Turn, Standing, Closed Mouth

Size: A: 3 1/4" x B: 17" x C: 51" x D: 35 1/4"

Sculptor John Sanzo sculpted this lifesize Mountain Lion form. John's extensive knowledge of taxidermy and his sculpting talents reflect in his forms. Form features an adjustable locking system which makes form assembly and length alterations very simple. The nose to tail length can easily be shortened or lengthened by three inches. John is well known for his anatomical accuracy when it comes to sculpting. Complete your mount with Van Dyke's quality glass Mountain Lion eyes.

Van Dyke's offers Mountain Lion mounting supplies for you to add the finishing touch to your prized mount.

Note: Lifesize forms may be cut for shipping.

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